Relocation appraiserRelocation Appraisal
Time is money. This is never more true than when you or your company need an appraisal of your "old" home when you're relocating to a new area for work. We take great care in setting up an accommodating appointment time for the appraisal inspection. During our intensive inspection, we encourage relocating employees to provide input on the positive aspects of their property, as well as information regarding any recent sales or listings in their area that they want considered.

If you're a relocation services company in need of a local appraiser, contact Taggart and Associates, Inc.. Our professional relocation appraisal abilities are backed by our superior service, turn time, and knowledge of the market. We have been awarded nationally for our turn time and accuracy.

When you put your "old" home on the market and take advantage of your employer's relocation assistance, you're interested in the anticipated sales price. Time is an important factor in this process. Typically, the valuation for a relocation appraisal is based on a quick marketing period - usually not to exceed 90-120 days. But the need for speed doesn't mean the relocation appraisal is a simple matter. More is involved than for an average lending/mortgage appraisal. A relocation appraisal entails special expertise, training and skills on the part of the appraiser.

When we perform a relocation appraisal, we consider recent closed sales as well as current competing listings in the area and pending sales. We offer a forecast of the likely sales price you can rely on, considering the dynamics of the neighborhood at the time of the relocation. All relocation appraisals are reported on the standard ERC Residential Appraisal Report form, the industry's accepted relocation appraisal format.